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Apple Card connectivity, historical balances, and more

AUTHOR: Method Team

Apple Card support

We are excited to announce that Apple Card is now fully supported across all of Method's products (Connect + Data + Payments).

Starting today:

  • End-users can securely link their Apple Card using Method's credential-less Connect API.

  • Method's customers will be able to receive real-time balance, due dates, and APR updates through your existing Method Data API integration.

For all existing Method customers, Apple Card is now fully enabled for your teams! You will be receiving an account.update webhook notifying you of the additional capabilities available for these accounts.

Trended Data 

Granular historical month-by-month liability data is now available. Trended Data provides a 24-month snapshot view on core liability types, including credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, and personal loans. This initial release focuses on key data points designed to improve end-users' financial health.

Method Data - Trended Data includes the following data points:

  • Balances

  • Minimum Payment

  • Payment Date

  • Actual Payment Amount

Trended data is not yet available for Student Loan liabilities.

Trended Data is rolling out to all of Method's customers and is reaching more customers every day. Interested in getting early access? Contact your Method CSM or drop us a note on our shared slack channel to skip the line.

Credit Card spend attributes

We're introducing two new attributes in the credit card response of Method Data’s API, further enriching our insights into credit card usage patterns and financial behaviors.

Now available for all credit cards:

  • usage_pattern: This attribute categorizes how people use their credit cards. It identifies users as:

    • revolvers (those who carry a balance from month to month)

    • transactors (those who pay off their balance each month)

    • dormant (inactive credit card accounts)

    This insight helps in understanding consumer spending habits and credit utilization

  • interest_bearing_balance: For the revolvers who don't pay off their card every month, this attribute details the amount they are carrying that is accruing interest. It’s a crucial data point for understanding the financial impact of credit card debt on consumers.

These spend attributes are built on top of Method's Data, our unique real-time, credential-less connectivity to financial institutions. As a result, these data points will be continuously updated, providing the most current and accurate insights into credit card usage

For more information and to explore these new attributes, please contact your Method CSM or drop us a note on our shared slack channel to skip the line.

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